Lightspray Visual (Fényszóró Visual)

Lightspray Visual (Fényszóró Visual) an artist group from Hungary, has been working with analogue light for more than 15 years. Their main activity is based on old overhead projectors, in which they installed high-brightness bulbs to colour buildings or monumental surfaces.

The paintings are moved by self-made repetitive motion devices which, when placed on the projector, can achieve an effect similar to kinetic sculpture, but on a huge scale. This makes not only the projected image, but also the projector is an exciting installation.

The artist group is strongly influenced by contemporary street art, steampunk and sci-fi, but their greatest potential is the ability to incorporate any subject to fit the location and the theme of the festivals. Currently, their projects have many directions; they can highlight building facades like video mapping, fuse light from multiple projectors to create analogue effects, and thanks to the latest development, they can create analogue-digital hybrid light shows synchronised to music.

In recent years they presented their art at numerous festivals such as Nobel Week Lights in Sweden, Prisma in Portugal, Essen Light Fest in Germany and in Lumiart in Dubrovnik.

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