This year’s edition of the R.o.R festival explores the hidden worlds that artists uncover and create in various ways. The word micro means minuscule, invisible to our senses, and to observe this world, one must venture a look through special lenses, filters, or devices. This refers not only to physically small things but also to that which lies hidden in the narrow spectrum of perceptibility or within a specific environment. Art, in this case, serves as an exceptional “tool”, opening up a window into worlds inconceivable to us using our existing thought models by applying creativity, science, or technology. Internationally renowned artists present their original projects, which combine science, technology, and contemporary art to provide a commentary on our future, freedom, liberty, insects, plants, alternative methods of communication, and hidden virtual worlds. The festival events cover a broad scope of modern artistic practices, each of them an original micro-realm in and of itself.


15.00 Zeroidee: Audiobus, an audio performance in motion

Audiobus is an extraordinary journey poised between real and surreal. It takes you on a journey through the city, which becomes a live theater of artistic performances. Everything happens at the same time, inside the bus and outside, on the streets we pass through.

The exact bus schedule and public transport grid route will be announced one week before the festival at: www.brida.si.

Register here: https://mailchi.mp/e2c0c617a6c0/audiobus-2021?e=fdf0ddbc46

17.00 Katarina Radaljac and Uršek Slivšek: The Path to Interspecies Communications, outdoor workshop
Pine tree grove, Nova Gorica

At the workshop, participants will discover the auditory world of animals, explore different ways of audio communication with them, and reflect on the ways animals express their creativity.

The workshop is suitable for ages 9 and up. Children may attend with a parent present. The number of participants is limited. Visitor registration via brida@siol.net
Please bring an umbrella in case of rain.

19.00 Veronika Hozjan: Milk Me With Your Eyes, opening of the exhibition
Tir Gallery, Mostovna, Nova Gorica

An absurdist minimalist comedy about Bull and his Essence is presented in the form of a video/painting installation. Through the medium of a combination of abstract shapes, the story of an existentialist crisis of Bull unfolds as he tries to escape from his own self – unsuccessfully, of course.

Curated by: Špela Lutman
Partner Mostovna

21.30 Boštjan Perovšek: Auditory Interweaving V5.6, quadrophonic concert with accompanying lighting
Mostovna, Nova Gorica

Version 5 of the Auditory Interweaving concert is an upgraded version of the audio composition organism, captured on 2 July 2021, accompanied by a lighting arrangement created by the OM Production collective.

Partner Mostovna


18.00 BridA: Nonverbal Communication, outdoor workshop
Gathering point at the parking lot of the Šempas Cemetery

The artists will present an original communication system, which integrates mimicking birdsong and technology. Participants will learn about alternative modes of communication and about the topography of sound.

Please bring an umbrella in case of rain.

19.45 Špela Petrič: I, Ficus,, presentation of the project and a discussion with the artist
Šempas Cultural Center Conference Hall, Entrance Gate 2, Šempas.

The artist will present her project, which explores the use of artificial intelligence as an alternative to our understanding of plants. The project hints at a post-mankind future, when only machines are left to roam this world.

21.15 Jata C: Bibaret Jc210120, audio event
Šempas Culture Center Event Hall

The group Jata C (beeplip, OR poiesis, Boštjan Perovšek, Bojana Šaljić Podešva and Brane Zorman) use their piece Bibaret JC210120 in a humorous attempt at combining scientific discoveries and environmental facts with societal dogmas. Their performance will include eavesdropping on the lives of beings who undergo a full physical metamorphosis and coexist interdependently with other species. They will attempt to introduce their own artistic perspective through auditory sensory perceptions, in the form of speculative thought and creativity on the subject of close coexistence with insects and arthropods.

In case of rain, the event will be moved indoors.

22.00 DDTLab / RUK / DDT: Vertigo bird 2020
For the brave of heart! Acrobatics at the highest chimney in Slovenia. Festival visitors will be able to fly to the top of the 360-meter chimney in Trbovlje with the help of VR technology.

In case of rain, the event will be moved indoors.

22.00 Šempas Tourism Society Performance: A Summer Night – polenta an toč
Šempas Culture Center Event Hall

A fantastic display of culinary delights, courtesy of the Šempas Tourism Society

In case of rain, the event will be moved indoors. In case of COVID-19 restrictions, the event will be cancelled.


17.00 Neja Tomšič: Tea for Five - Opium Ships, a visual essay with a tea ceremony

An intriguing story about smugglers, colonialism and the birth of capitalism aboard the opium ships.

BridA Atellier, Old Schoolhouse, Šempas 137, Šempas
The number of participants is limited. Visitor registration via brida@siol.net

Katarina Radaljac, Uršek Slivšek
Veronika Hozjan, Špela Lutman
Boštjan Perovšek
OM produkcija
Špela Petrič
Jata C, beeplip, OR poiesis, Bojana Šaljić Podešva, Brane Zorman
Neja Tomšič

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