Pia MYrvoLD

Pia MYrvoLD 's artistic journey is a testament to her creativity, innovation, and dedication to pushing boundaries. From her international debut in 1992 with a remarkable outdoor textile installation in Paris, she has achieved numerous accomplishments and recognitions in the art and design world. She has established herself as a pioneer in new media art, and her visionary approach has led to innovations such as "Clothes as Publishing" and interactive design through cybercouture.com. She has curated exhibitions, given lectures, and presented her works worldwide, with her art projects focusing on technology, human perception, and audience engagement. Pia MYrvoLD is recognized as one of the most influential Norwegian artists internationally and continues to inspire through her unique projects that reach audiences worldwide.

The early years 1980 - 1990 Painting, textile, design, performance, producer of art exhibitons.
During the early years of Pia MYrvoLD's career, from 1980 to 1990, she established herself as a prominent artist in Norway. She participated in various exhibitions, including shows at Oslo Kunstforening, Bergen Kunsthall, Stavanger Kunsthall, and Galleri F15 in Moss. Her talent and artistic exploration led to her debut in the prestigious Vestlandutstillingen from 1980 to 1985 and Statens Kunstutstilling in 1982. These formative years laid the foundation for MYrvoLD's future success, showcasing her early artistic development and dedication to her craft.

The steps into the international art world 1990 - textile, design, new media art
Pia MYrvoLD's artistic journey is a testament to her creativity, innovation, and dedication to pushing boundaries. It all began in 1992 with her international debut, a remarkable 500-meter long outdoor textile installation in Parc de la Villette, Paris. This catapulted her into the spotlight and paved the way for a series of achievements and recognition in the following years. From 1994 to 2002, she was invited by the prestigious French Syndic de Createur de Modes to showcase her own line of design creations on their Official Calendar, solidifying her influence in the fashion industry. In 1996, MyrvoLD founded the groundbreaking concept of "Clothes as Publishing" and established the interactive design platform cybercouture.com, fusing art and fashion through digital printing.

Milestones, pioneering and new innovations
In 2004, when Pia MYrvoLD presented her groundbreaking smart textile projects titled "Female Interfaces" at Centre George Pompidou in Paris. These innovative designs featured interactive clothes and interface design that allowed performers to activate sound and image loops through buttons and panels. MYrvoLD's impact continued to be felt in 2011 and 2013 when she produced and curated two independent pavilions at the prestigious Venice Biennale. "FLOW - a work in motion" and "The Metamorphoses of the Virtual" showcased her visionary approach, with the latter even receiving a nomination for the best parallel exhibition by the Italian art press. In 2014, Pia MYrvoLD presented her solo exhibition "ART AVATAR" at Centre Pompidou in Paris. This immersive and interactive exhibition showcased MYrvoLD's exploration of the intersection between art, technology, and human perception. Through a variety of multimedia installations, including video projections, interactive sculptures, and interactive soundscapes, visitors were invited to engage with and become a part of the artwork. "ART AVATAR" aimed to provoke reflection on our relationship with technology and the ways in which it influences our understanding and experience of the world. The exhibition received critical acclaim for its innovative use of technology and its thought-provoking themes, further solidifying MYrvoLD's position as a trailblazing artist in the field of new media art.

Recognition as a pioneer in new media art.
MYrvoLD's achievements did not go unnoticed by the art world. She spoke as a keynote speaker at the prestigious New York Times conference "Art for Tomorrow 2016" in Doha, Qatar, sharing her insights alongside acclaimed figures like Jeff Koons and Marina Abramovic. Moreover, she was invited by Sheika Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani of Qatar and Qatar Art Museums to develop the unique project "SUN TRUMPETS," which featured sculpture installations with sun panels that emitted sounds to mark the first and last light of the day. Recognition for her talent also came in the form of a nomination for the Opline Art Prize in France by Argentine artist Julio Le Parc. In 2019, MYrvoLD presented the independent pavilion "Time Machine" at the Venice Biennale, further solidifying her status as a trailblazing artist. The following year, she started the Pia MYrvoLD Art Foundation (PMAF), which would preserve and curate her significant artistic productions. In 2022, she went on to establish both MYworLD Studio Norway and The FOGN Experience, a gallery and cultural center in Stavanger. Finally, in 2023, MYrvoLD's exhibition "Time Machine" traveled to Shenzhen Art Museum in China as part of the Opline Prize International projects. Pia MYrvoLD has had a remarkable journey and career in art, design, and innovation. She has gained international recognition in three different visual art fields. Pia MYrvoLD is one of the most influential international Norwegian artists and is a visionary in in art and design, with unique art and design projects that have reached audiences worldwide.

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